avatar of khaine

The Exarchs go to the door leading into the Avatar’s chamber. Well, that and Morathi’s attempts at wooing him. His love of war combined with his elfness and that his most ardent worshipers are scantily-clad women means he’s probably the secret love-child of Khorne and Slaanesh tsundere confirmed. The Avatar is basically a small fragment of Khaine’s power given form through one of his fragments present in a Craftworld. This all comes to a head at the Isle of the Dead, where all Elves had a massive battle, with Malekith’s side being bolstered by the ghosts of Phoenix Kings past who sought to repay a debt to their creator.

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On top of that it can also shoot with that profile as an 12″ Assault 1 weapon, and thanks to Battle Focus does not get -1 to hit if it advanced the same turn. However, because Vaul decided to jerk off on the last day rather than work, he couldn’t make the last sword in time and instead tried to trick Khaine by putting one normal sword among the bunch of ninety-nine epic swords he made, thinking that Khaine, with his short attention span and inability to count beyond 10, wouldn’t notice and would just accept the fuckheug pile of swords as is.

Khaine’s rage gets pretty visible at this point because he had the hots for Isha and still completely ignored her, even after she immediately used her common sense and said she was not getting with a genocidal manifestation of pure wrath per the book Path of the Eldar.

Everything looks great, but the base is really intriguing me!


Avatar of Khaine. : Warhammer40k

Ulthuan – The Vortex – Waystone – Widowmaker. Retrieved from ” https: It’s open to interpretation. Become ov Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. If you really want all your attacks to hit, give him an Autarch buddy for rerolls for your To Hit khaie. Because of this, the Avatar has been:. It has been hinted at that Khaine as well as the rest of the Eldar pantheon is one of the Old Onesand so strictly speaking is not exclusively an Eldar deity. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood, a mobile shrine to Khaine administered to by his fangirls. Views Read Edit View history. A little numbered I had commissioned from the great guys over at Dark Bunny Creatives. Use him to propel Howling Banshees up the table, or to khanie a horde of Guardian blobs.

Nothing much changes about it, so stick it in combat as soon as you can to get the most out of it. When the Chaos god Slaanesh was birthed from the avafar Warp energy of the Eldar’s galactic empire of excess and decadence, Khaine tried to battle the newborn god and managed to put up a pretty good fight, despite the fact The Great Hermaphrodite had already consumed the other Eldar gods and was backed avxtar the Ruinous Powers themselves well, two of them at least.


For starters, the Avatar now costs points while not improving too much. Still, as the monster at the front of a brutal charge, he certainly does the job.

Finally Khorne got frustrated and hurled it away where, after a lot of shit, it came into the clutches of Morathi, who is the High Oracle of Khaine and is uniting worshipers to bring Khaine back to life. DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the total point value of the unit.


Which is exactly what seemingly happened at first, and Khaine released Isha and Kurnous. Speaking of which, this book basically says that Eldar Exarchs and Khaine have severe psychological problems. Vaul got pissed at this and bargained with Khaine that he would make a hundred of his finest swords in a year in exchange for Isha and Kurnous’ release, which Khaine agreed to.

Want to add to the discussion? This possession does a on his personality; where once Tyrion was a noble prince who was dedicated to defending his land, Khaine’s possession turned him into a murderous asshole. If you’re not running a Saim-Hann list the Avatar’s 12″ aura which allows units to re-roll failed charges and makes them immune to morale can be pure rape.

Do note that it has only 5 attacks and it deals no Mortal Wounds, so it can kill a maximum of 5 models per turn. This trickery had unfortunate consequences for the whole Eldar pantheon, who after Asuryan shrugged the matter off started to take sides: Then the chamber’s door opens, and the Young King enters.

Khaine, never one for subtlety, decided to murder every last one of the pansies to ensure that never happened. When using Power Ratings instead the Avatar clocks in at 13 points, the second-most expensive unit behind the Wraithknight.

The Shrine of Khaine is a hotly fought over place between the High and Dark Elves, the former trying to prevent his worship and the latter trying to, well, worship at it. The Eldar will only summon the Avatar into battle under the most dire of circumstances when there is no other choice.