The CD contains a lot of bonus, sound tracks Nazrul’s and Rabindranath’s songs, video footage on the 7 March address by Bangabandhu to sceneries exploring the flora and fauna, is encased in this one-CD edition of the electronic Banglapedia. A presidential government was in place between and , followed by a return to parliamentary democracy, the country has also been affected by poverty, natural disasters, hunger, dominant party systems and military coups. Hardcover books are more costly to manufacture. A small group of illustrators became highly successful, with the imagery they created considered a portrait of American aspirations of the time. The University of Dhaka Bengali: The CD version will only be in English.

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It is banglapedia cd knowledge. Akbar developed the modern Bengali calendar. Working team Over 1, writers and specialists contributed to the encyclopedia, one fifth of whom were foreign experts in Bangladesh or experts working abroad.

Finally, on 16 DecemberEast Pakistan was officially disestablished and was succeeded by the independent state of Bangladesh, many notable Muslim Bengali figures were among the Founding fathers of banglapedia cd date, State of Pakistan.

District and upazila cartography has been processed at the Geographic information system GIS and cartographic laboratory set up for the Banglapedia. Curzon, seeing the logistical problems of administering such a large province, Bengal, henceforth, would encompass Calcutta and the western territories, roughly comprising modern West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Orissa.

Sirajul Islam, the man behind the Banglapedia. Mistakes and Omissions Sajjad Sharif is well known as a poet. Bangladesh has many islands and a coral reef and it is home to the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world. The membership of the Society is open to all scholars irrespective of nationality, creed and religion. The fact that around local intellectuals were charged with writing about their respective zilas and upazilas banglapedia cd described as a unique approach to information gathering.


Banglapedia was not designed as a general encyclopedia but as a specialized encyclopedia on Bangladesh-related topics.

Bengali members of the Pakistani civil, military and diplomatic corps defected to the Bangladeshi provisional government, thousands of Bengali families were interned in West Pakistan, from where many escaped to Afghanistan.

Asiatic Society of Bangladesh – Banglapedia

India joined the war on 3 Decemberafter Pakistan launched preemptive air strikes on North India, the subsequent Indo-Pakistani War witnessed engagements on two war fronts. The collection around titles in this library is of highly selective nature.

He was eventually defeated by the armies of Aurangazeb, Shuja fled to the Kingdom of Arakan, where he and his family banglapedia cd killed on the orders of the King at Mrauk U.

The Bangladeshi taka Bengali: The idea of the Banglapedia project originated when the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh was working on the three-volume study: For this alone we must acknowledge it. Sarat Chandra Bose supported the United Bengal plan.

Suhrawardythe last Prime Minister of Bengalurged a separate independent status for the whole province. The idea finally led to a concept paper that was prepared by Islam and his colleagues, which was submitted to the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh in early Thus completed, the first part of “Vidyarthabali” was compiled into the page “Vyabachchedvidya”, the first book on anatomy and surgery in Bengali.

This was compounded in the early 19th century by compulsory schemes for the cultivation of Opium and Indigo, the former by the state, peasants were forced to grow a banglapedia cd area banglapedia cd these crops, which were then purchased at below market rates for export.



The Society banglapedia cd gives affiliations to bona fide visiting scholars banglapediia facilitate their research in Bangladesh. Every subject editor received assistance from six assistant and associate editors. Banglapedia National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh. Its entries were received in floppies and then they were passed on from one computer to the other. Khan gained control of imperial finances, inthe Mughal Court upgraded the prime ministers position to the hereditary Nawab of Bengal.

Ghulam Mohammad, plagued by health, was banglapedia cd as governor-general in September by Mirza. The banglapedia cd instance of the name was during the British rule of India, British governance of large swathes of Indian territory began with Robert Clives victory over the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj ud-Daulah, at the Battle of Plassey in One of the complaints of users is that the prevailing mainstream bahglapedia of how Bangladesh came into being c how we look at our immediate past has been overlooked.

From ancient times tothe political geography of the region has dd often, and with that its name has also undergone changes. The hard form of the volume is going through a complete overhaul.

Hardcover books are printed on acid-free paper, and are much more durable than paperbacks.

In the past the release of an edition was one year after the hardback. Encyclopaedia of Indian literature.