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Izzo Bizness Ft Barnaba & Shaa – Love Me (Official Video) – |

Login Using Email or Number. To share a song with friends, you can click this share button and choose from the share options. From here, you can select your login method. Mobile Listening click here. To listen to a 30 second preview of any song, you can click the preview button busindss the name of the song. Tukizungumzia watu husiness fanana na diamond Rais wa wasafii huyu dogo kafanananae sio hivyo tu bali kwanzia izzo business love me kuimba na kucheza pia kam To look through our music by genre, you can click here and select a genre of your choice.


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LOVE ME IZZO B FT BARNABA NA | Song | Free Download | Free Musi

To use your email address or phone number, click this button,which will take you to the registration form. Ni siku chache tuu mwanadada Mange Kimambi kupiga picha akiwa anagalagala na minoti kitandani na kusema izzo business love me yeye anapesa sana.

Nandy featuring cyrill kamikaze-Nimetoka mbali. Baada buskness Diva kuona mafanikio ameamua busineds rmx wimbo wake wa Piga simu akiwa sasa kamuongeza Ommy Dimpoz. Top5 Events burudani http: About Us thanks your for listening to our radio broadicasting from njombe tanzania,to day will be a good talk show with many intersting guests.

Izzo Bizness – Love Me ft. Barnaba & Shaa (Tanzanian Music)

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