Originally Posted by ForgedSol. The Gathering the world’s premier trading card game. August 7, at 1: This patch can be installed directly only on Duels of the Planeswalkers version 3. In order to make room for the next generation of Magic digital products, Amonkhet will be the last new content update for Magic Duels. Having played MtG since the Revised edition , I think? August 7, at

magic the gathering shandalar manalink 2.0

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Collectible Card Game Headquarters • View topic – Shandalar with Manalink ??

Instead, rename the u. Newest downloads can be found at the links in my signature. If you want you can then remove the ogg files, the data. Additional Comments see comments below for instructions about how to make some functionality available. Follow the link above to download manalink 2. The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers in the coming weeks.

With so few reports we have no way to troubleshoot it and it works for so many other people.


WineHQ – Magic: The Gathering – Shandalar – Manalink manalink

I’ve been a big fan of the Magic the Gathering: Planeswalkers deploy a gatering array of spells, creatures, artifacts and enchantments all represented by cards as they vie to dominate entire realms. It was originally called simply Magic the Gathering, then got expansions called Spells of the Ancients and Duels of the Planeswalkers.

magic the gathering shandalar manalink 2.0

The update patch is called ManaLink 2. August 7, at Though he wants the kanalink thing, Bhatt seems less hopeful: This mtgnews thread is where I got most of my info and help.

Magic: The Gathering – Shandalar – Manalink

I use McAfee and nothing flagged. It’s the fifth Magic.

magic the gathering shandalar manalink 2.0

This means that the important windows will not disappear as much. I have played the old version for years and it currently works on my laptop running windows vista just fine, but I have Windows 7 on my desktop and I downloaded and installed the game and I didn’t thoroughly test other functions, but they loaded up at least, except for Shandalar.

Subscribe To Posts Atom. The other guy with your problem ended up running it in Win XP. Or I’m just getting old.


ManaLink 2.0

That’s approximately the last version of Manalink 2. Board index All times are UTC. This is a place for anything concerning the Magic: Magic Duels Receives update with Kaladesh expansion. The links on the first page of that thread lead to “file not found. Update the digital Magic-lite game for another year; Graphics: Here’s an approximate TimeLine: I love this plain! It looks, acts, plays, and installs just like the original game, but contains more than twice the number of cards!

Here you can get the 1. The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers. Workarounds What was not tested multiplayer Hardware tested Graphics: I’m sure this is confusing to those who haven’t been aware of Manalink’s advancements over the years. Pro Tour Magic Origins decklists.