Though she is not above hurting Ranma either, she usually does it justifiably but not measuring her own strength. His office is located near the Tendo dojo. He is very much in love with Akane, but does not want to admit it. When not upset Ryoga is usually shy, humble, helpful, and polite, especially around women. In spite of Ranma’s apparent derision, Akane is actually often revered due to her beauty and strength.

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She is recurrently used as a spoof of excessive materialism, with her extreme greed highlighted for comedic effect. However, haposai also recurrently tends to be led more by impulse and emotions than common sense, is prone to anger and misunderstandings, and although he is generally more considerate and naive than Ranma, and needs considerably stronger reasons to turn petty and spiteful, when sufficiently pressed he has displayed a few more ruthless moments than his rival seems capable of.

Akari loves pigs, and their potential strength as warriors. Like several other characters virtually everything Mariko does is a gag or parody, in her case with Valley Girl speak and cheerleading motifs.

Happosai –

He and Akane drift closer throughout the series, each going to great lengths to save the happoosai when in trouble. A year-old proficient martial artist, he spent most of his youth on training trips with his father.

During this time, she devoted herself to okonomiyaki-style martial arts to prepare to exact revenge on the Saotomes. He is also a panty theif and lecher beyond belief. He can come across as haoposai, arrogant, and disrespectful, as he is prone to bragging and tossing insults.


Ryoga is also shown to have a chivalrous streak, happosaj consistently protects any maidens in distress, or victims of bullies, monsters, or bandits that he comes across, and is sometimes emotional enough to be brought to tears from compassion, including for Ranma. Panda” as a pet. His arsenal includes chains, blades, darts, iron balls, hidden knives, bombs, tear gas, and even yo-yos and various silly household appliances, manifesting quantities far beyond what he is realistically able to carry in his long sleeves and robe.

Happosai “Happy, Dirty Old Man, Pervert”

Rouge does not appear in the anime. Views Read Edit View history. The Wrath of Happosai ” on Amazon. Akane Tendo voice Robert O.

He is also sadistic and vengeful, with instances that include using his two students, Genma and Soun, as slaves and attempting to cripple Ranma for life by taking away his strength. The large cast’s intricate relationships with one another, unusual characteristics, and eccentric personalities drive most of the stories.

In addition to Cologne’s immense skill, she is able to manipulate water and ice, create whirlwinds by using an opponent’s aura against them, shatter inanimate objects with a simple touch, fire chi-blasts, and touch pressure points to make a person feel like haposai are burning with even the slightest amount of heat.

The Last Days of Happosai

He studied under the founder of the style, Happosai, with Genma, who is a close friend. Browse all our free movies and TV series. Ranma Saotome Female voice Noriko Hidaka She has no interest in younger men, and Dr. Akane offers the paper doll to Ranma to save him, letting herself go through the paralysis. He is hopelessly in love with Kasumi.


Even when he is shown to be not behaving maliciously, his actions and intervention always result in grave consequences. Though he is initially no match for Ranma, after losing his memory for a time, he shows the potential to become far stronger. Start your free happoai.

List of Ranma ½ characters – Wikipedia

After being defeated by Ranma in his female form, he also falls for the “Pigtailed Girl” as he calls “her”. He is obsessed with Hawaiian culture, generally wears a lei and an aloha shirtand speaks with a Hawaiian accent. He does however, posess several powerful happoswi energy techniques, as well. Her family chose her to happossi engaged to him and carry on the Tendo family dojo. She has been stated to not possess any hapoosai feelings, but she isn’t above using her attractive appearance as a lure.

Ryoga uses the final happosia of this technique while being strangled by Lime. Saffron’s main servants, beyond his chamberlain, are KiimaKorumaand Masala like himself given pun names sounding identical to spices or spicy dishes, similar to the Musk being named after herbs, and other rural Chinese from female beauty accessories. She states that she will reject him even in such a case, and often attacks him because of his obsessiveness.

Community representatives frequently approach him when they have problems with unusual phenomena, so this may provide some of it, and he has rented out the dojo for social meetings.